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Lazurny-2, Kharkiv

The sketch project gives a visual opportunity to see the future object in detail, which allows you to successfully implement the plan. Our team coped with the concept of the second phase of the residential complex “Lazurny” quickly and efficiently, implementing all the customer’s requests.

The building is represented by a frame-monolithic system with monolithic floor slabs. The existing location is used by designers as efficiently as possible: equipped recreation areas and convenient entrances to the complex, in the courtyard there are recreational areas, playgrounds and sports grounds. For the convenience of residents, the first floors are occupied by commercial premises, servicing comfortable life needs. Well-thought-out building planning is complemented by beautiful views to the landscape park with the river Lopan from the top floors apartments.  The practicality was achieved by our team considering individual heating with gas-fired boilers in each apartment. All communications and service areas are compactly designed. Decorative lighting allows you to place emphasis on functionally important objects and emphasize an outstanding territory layout.

The residential compound has everything you need for your cozy and comfort living.

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